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WORK IN PROGRESS start of ROUGH ideas for DAMT5K Hawaian...AKA Lefty's revolution


06 January 2017

2995 ḵing gan

 DAMT5K HAWAIIAN SOVEREIGNTY, INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE AKA LEFTY REVOLUTIONS is a film which shares the journey of HOWARD STOVONICH, WILLY FRENCHEATER, LATE JAMES NICHOLAS, JOHN STEWART and a cast of many more. Howard directed to find and track Willy Frencheater, arrives to Honolulu ready to turn up every rock, every cranny on the island to fins this man, track, him and gather evidence to nail him on the cross. Frencheater on his search for Indigenous Justice, finds him at lost in the anger, hate and cultural and political struggle of Indigenous People in Hawaii and Canada, as the system continually encroaches on territory, traditional cultures and migratory patterns of the peoples food sources, self-sufficiency and all that is part of the garden. Finding out about the Hudson Bay Company, decision to hire Hawaiian and Coast Salish people during the Modernist period initiates his former Commitment to Late JAMES NICHOAS to initiate the language of blood through acts of provocation, terrorism, and urban street wars with a police state during the on-going struggle. Frencheater receives permission to shoot a major rally in Hawaii, he starts his language of blood moment through manifestos and indigenous community support building allies and enemies alike. Global cultural practice, tribal custom usage puts him on the map of the Echelon all seeing eye and young Howard is picked to go to Hawaii instead of head AGENT MOIRA STEVENS. Everything is turned upside down when EVANGELIST JOHN STEWART is directed by God to find Willy, and help save his soul and the people. Howard caught between government loyalty and cultural rebirth, brings this story to an end when he forgoes traditional history for the systemic positioning of idolaters and economic success to help capture Willy and fill the super jails with all the modern heathens and infidels. Frencheater as transformed from the maniacal to the gracious, from the angry Indian to the servant of the most high. Fil ends on one of his tribal member determined to take over Frencheater original intent of creating collateral damage to all the four races, so the dark lord can maintain his domain. CREDITS ROLL. 

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