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Nunavut (Our Land) Episode 9: Aiviaq (Walrus Hunt)


03 December 1995

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Nunavut (Our Land) TV Series Episode 9. Igloolik, Summer 1946. The distant sound of the atookatookatook ¼, the first gas engine to arrive in Igloolik, brings a surprise visitor to Qaisut, island of the walrus hunters. The Priest arrives to study Inuit life, to dig in the ancient ruins and to see the hunt.

When it's time to go hunting, Inuaraq thinks the Priest will bring bad luck but Qulitalik finally gives in. Out in the open water, cutting up walrus on an ice floe, Inuaraq's prediction almost comes true.

Filmmaker: Zacharias Kunuk, Paulossie Qulitalik, Norman Cohn

Filmmaker Contact:;

Producer's Name: Zacharias Kunuk, Paulossie Qulitalik, Norman Cohn

Year of Production: 1995

Distributor Information: Vtape

Country: Canada

Region: Igloolik; Nunavut, Canadian Arctic

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28m 54s


Nunavut (Our Land) Series, priest, walrus hunters




Igloolik, NU, Canada

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