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Making the River


19 June 2008

5392 ḵing gan

Filmmaker: Sarah Del Seronde

Filmmaker Contact:

Producer's Name: Paul Stoll

Year of Production: 2009

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Ḵwaan sda: TalkingStickFest

    • 1m 14s

      Journey My Heart

      uploaded by: Ian Skorodin

      channel: TalkingStickFest

      What begins as a documentary about the rigours of physical training becomes a complex portrait of a Pow Wow Jingle Dress Dancer . Joanne Soldier runs miles each days and weight trains in an effort to fulfill a spiritual calling that links her with the elders and the generations to come.… Read more

      uploaded date: 19-06-2008

    • 50s

      The Colony (Talking Stick Fest)

      uploaded by: Ian Skorodin

      channel: TalkingStickFest

      The Colony, Jeff Barnaby’s second short is a gritty depiction of deception, desolation and decay. Born of an imaginative script and proficiently executed, this powerful film witnesses cockroaches and chainsaws wreak havoc during one man’s descent into madness.

      Filmmaker: Jeff Barnaby

      Filmmaker Contact:


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      uploaded date: 18-06-2008

    • 32s

      March Point

      uploaded by: Ian Skorodin

      channel: TalkingStickFest

      Cody, Nick and Travis, three teens from the Swinomish Indian Tribe, wanted to make a gangster movie or rap video. But instead they were asked to investigate the impact of two oil refineries on their tribal community.… Read more

      uploaded date: 17-06-2008