added April 5, 2012

Living the Dream Northern Haze

About this video

A documentary about Northern Haze famous Inuit Rock stars from Igloolik

Living the dream 

Film by Derek Aqqiaruq


 Awesome igloolikmiut ;)

 \m/, Northern Haze still rocks 


I was so proud to be able to book Northern Haze for The Arctic Show and Expo '86 in Vancouver. They were a great hit; more importantly I think the whole band enjoyed the tour to Yellowknife, Edmonton and Vancouver. The crowds loved their music. Good music transcends language.

Enjoyed this documentary a lot.

Pat Buckna, Powell River, BC

Hot rockin' band! I love that the made a filma bout themselves! Hats off to Jason Flowers for his contribution. 

hey derek?  uvanga L.A. with renegade 600

 Wow, what an experience to see you living up there and rocking out...I really like that new track! :-)

Cheers, Jeremy from Vancouver (old friend of Jason Flower).

 Cool Thanks!!!! \m/  (* *)  \m/