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06 December 2010


Learn about the experience of making Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change through the perspective of co-director Ian Mauro.

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IKCC is going to be screening at Denver's Indigenous Film Festival on October 16. It will be the closing night film.

The festival organizers contacted me a couple of days ago and asked if I could be available for a PBS special about the film and larger festival.

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October 5, 2011

IKCC has its US Premieres

Greetings from the US!

Tonight, Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change will have its New York Premiere, opening the Smithsonian Institution's Native American Film and Video Festival.

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March 31, 2011

Penguins Harmed By Tagging

If you've seen Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change, you'll know that Elders in Nunavut believe that the handling and tagging of animals, specifically polar bears and whales, causes adverse health and behaviour issues.

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February 1, 2011


Last night, in Ottawa, Zacharias Kunuk and I presented Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change at ArcticNet, Canada's largest northern research meetings.

The screening was well attended, with some 400 people present, and we had a fantastic Q and A afterwards. We had questions from Inuit, scientists and students as well as a skype-in call from London, England.

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December 16, 2010

"The tilting of the earth changes everything"

Arguably, the most bizarre, fascinating and perhaps groundbreaking of all observations we've heard from Inuit is that they believe our world has tilted on its axis and this contributes to climate change.… Read more

November 25, 2009

Uqalurait: the snow is speaking

Inuit are telling us their climate change stories in their mother tongue - the Inuktitut language. It's important that the elders and hunters are speaking in their own language, given that their teachings are both holistic and detailed, and are best communicated in Inuktitut. Today's story is about uqalurait: the snow drifts shaped like a tongue (see blog photo).

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November 23, 2009

Silent film on climate change

Check out this amazing silent film called "Speaking out on climate change". In the tradition of Buster Keaton-style black and white slapstick comedy, this piece by Pangnirtung's Julie Alivaktuk brilliantly pokes fun at the very serious issue of climate change and how it affects Arctic ecosystems and Inuit people.

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November 22, 2009

Join our "live editing sessions"

Inuit Knowledge & Climate Change Video Invited to COP-15  in Copenhagen

Interact with filmmakers Zacharias Kunuk and Ian Mauro during live weekly webcasts from Igloolik every Thursday from 8-10 pm starting November 19.

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November 18, 2009

Unnatural Disaster

We've been hearing from Inuit about the Arctic getting warmer. Today's post includes a video upload featuring Alukie Metuq from Pangnirtung. In it, Alukie talks about the intense heat of the past year. No doubt, Pangnirtung is a climate change "hotspot" in the Arctic and has had to deal with a number of related "natural disasters".

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November 18, 2009