Indigenous Languages

  • 4m 53s

    The sami and her Body

    uploaded by: Liselotte Wajstedt

    channel: Sapmi

    Chapter two: I investigate the body as a tool, a house, flesh. I learn what the different parts of my body are called in sami launguage. I do this in my home. Me in my body among my things that I identify with. I try out my different sami attributes o

    Filmmaker: Liselotte Wajstedt

    Filmmaker Contact:


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    uploaded date: 01-10-2007

  • 5m 23s

    Yaanii K'uuka

    uploaded by: kenleslie

    channel: haidawood

    A little girl is naughty and doesn't listen to her mother. "Be nice! Or Yaanii K'uuka will get you!" One day, a beautiful woman arrives at the longhouse... This is a traditional story told in the Haida language (Xaaydaa Kil) with English subtitles.

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    uploaded date: 15-09-2009

  • 2m 13s

    Coureurs de nuit

    uploaded by: wapikonimobile

    channel: Wapikoni

    No longer able to hunt their prey the way their ancestors did, the young Wemotaci have become night runners through the deserted village. And can they ever run! They run for fun or just to exhaust themselves—until the police go after them. A fresh and lively filmmaking feat.

    Filmmaker: Shanook Néwashish

    Filmmaker Contact:


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    uploaded date: 13-05-2008

  • 3m 27s

    Tupilak #2

    uploaded by: bertrand lozay

    channel: bertrandlozay

    Synopsis: story telling workshop




    Year of Production: 2010

    Distributor Information:


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    uploaded date: 17-05-2010

  • 7m 16s

    The Golden Spruce

    uploaded by: kenleslie

    channel: haidawood

    This is a traditional Haida story told in the Haida language (Xaaydaa Kil). A young boy and his grandfather live in a village. After a terrible winter, everyone else gets sick and dies. The boy and grandfather leave the village, and the grandfather says to the boy "don't look back." They travel through the forest and eventually come upon a stream.… Read more

    uploaded date: 16-09-2009

  • 2m 41s

    Drum Practice

    uploaded by: Catrina Longmuir

    channel: ourworld

    A quirky animation in Tlingit, created with hand made puppets dancing to a catchy drum beat.

    Filmmaker: Doug Smarch

    Producer's Name: Our World

    Year of Production: 2007

    Distributor Information:


    Country: Canada

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    uploaded date: 25-02-2009