Ian Mauro's Blog

Learn about the experience of making Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change through the perspective of co-director Ian Mauro.

Zacharias Kunuk and his team at Igloolik Isuma Productions have teamed up with researcher Ian Mauro, University of Victoria, to document and communicate Inuit knowledge regarding climate change in Nunavut. This video research project values the important knowledge Inuit have regarding climate change impacts and associated adaptation strategies. Using video, we plan to interview elders, hunters and other locals about their climate change perspectives related to health, environment and wildlife issues, and have this information posted in both Inuktitut and English on IsumaTV (www.isuma.tv) and developed into a feature length documentary film. This project is explicitly community-based and will be carried out collaboratively with the communities of Arviat, Igloolik, Pangnirtung and Resolute Bay. This important information will be shared throughout Nunavut and with policy makers and the public worldwide in an effort to document and find solutions to climate change and its adverse affect on Arctic communities and environments.

Contact Info:

Ian Mauro: imauro@mta.ca