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Q&A video from IKCC Churchill Interactive Event


07 November 2010


Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change was screened in the northern community of Churchill, Manitoba, on November 5th, 2010. This was our second public screening of the film.

This interactive event - with residents, scientists and policy makers in attendance - was followed by a panel with co-directors Zacharias Kunuk, skyping in live from Igloolik, and Ian Mauro, as well as Dr. Andrew Derocher, the world's top polar bear biologist. The evening was facilitated by John Gunter, General Manager of Frontiers North Adventures, and organizer of the event.

This unique dialogue about Inuit and scientific perspectives examines how climate change is affecting our world. The similarities and diffences of these two "ways of knowing" are discussed.

Please check out this video and post comments letting us know what you think. Let's talk about this together, using IsumaTV.

We thank Frontiers North Adventures (FNA), Polar Bears International (PBI) and Dr. Andrew Derocher for their support and help in organizing this successful event.

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