Press / Reviews for Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change

Inuit experience tells us adaptation is key to the future

"Climate change seen as opportunity to learn sustainable ways to live in natural world"

Edmonton Journal November 11, 2010

November 5th Ottawa Citizen op-ed article by Zacharias Kunuk

Zacharias Kunuk discusses his 30-year history as an Inuit filmmaker leading to production of his newest documentary, Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change.

Ottawa Citizen November 5, 2010

Film Debut of IKCC in Churchill, Manitoba

"This profound and unforgettable film, which premiered at Toronto's imagineNATIVE Film Festival this past October, helps us to appreciate Inuit culture and expertise regarding environmental change and indigenous ways of adapting to it."

Polar Bears International

The human face of climate change

"Science and traditional knowledge converge in the groundbreaking new documentary Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change"

Uptown Magazine, Winnepeg

New documentary recounts bizarre climate changes seen by Inuit elders

"The documentary is the first to ask Inuit elders to describe the severe environmental changes in the Arctic they are seeing and to do so in their own language. The tone of the film is intimate. The elders aren’t trying to cross a language barrier, or even speak to the Southern scientific community. They’re simply imparting their expert knowledge and wisdom – and the result will undoubtedly cause controversy."

The Globe and Mail

ImagineNATIVE 2010: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change

"Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change explains how the thawing permafrost, shrinking ice and warmer weather of the Arctic affect its people. It also reveals the realities of indigenous and scientific thought, and what can happen when the two intersect."

CBC Arts Online

Getting imagineNATIVE

"Kunuk and his collaborators have shown the world how the Inuit people have defended their traditions in the face of many threats, though the gravest of these may be emerging only now. Kunuk and co-director Ian Mauro examine the ways in which global warming is radically transforming Canada’s north."

The Toronto Star


"Il nuovo film della Isuma porta lo spettatore “sul terreno” dove anziani, cacciatori e abitanti esplorano gli impatti sociali ed ecologici dell’Artico che si riscalda. E’ un documentario che mette in evidenza una questione fondamentale: il riscaldamento globale è un tema relativo ai diritti umani."


"Da un lato ci si premura di comunicare al mondo quanto la popolazione Inuit canadese sia importante per la nazione, dall’altro, quando gli Inuit possono avere una voce così autorevole e artisticamente riconosciuta in tutto il mondo, non la si aiuta."

La poesia e lo spirito

Documentary project brings the Inuit perspective on climate change to the world stage

"An innovative collaboration between Mauro—a 30-year-old Winnipegger with a PhD in environmental studies from the University of Manitoba who's now doing post-doctorate work at the University of Victoria—and Zacharias Kunuk, the 51-year-old Igloolik-based Inuit filmmaker"

Uptown Magazine, Winnepeg

Ian Mauro Radio Interview on Take 5

"This early morning radio segment was broadcast throughout the Toronto region - from Barrie to Buffalo - and reaching a potential 8 million listeners. Hear Ian Mauro talk about the Inuit knowledge and climate change project and its findings."

Take 5 | CIUT FM

Film festival brings Inuit perspective to climate conference

"The words of traditional hunters and elders seem to bear out climate scientists' evidence that global warming is already affecting the North."

CBC News – North

CBC's The National on Inuit Knowledge & Climate Change

"CBC's The National highlights IsumaTV's Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change multimedia on the eve of Copenhagen conference. The internet-based film project has been garnering significant media attention. With our film screening at COP-15, the world became aware of the work we are doing with Inuit elders, hunters, women and youth in the Arctic. In this posting, check out the CBC's coverage on their flagship news program The National."

CBC's The National