Atanarjuat The Fast Runner (2001) photos by Vivianne 2

  • Luke Taqqaugaq
  • Moses Iqqaqsaq and Ikumaq Ipkarnak
  • Andrew Uyarasuk and Laura Ivalu
  • Abraham Ulayuruluk
  • Back of a Woman's Amauti
  • The other side of the action
  • Crew behind the scene
  • Elise Qulaut and Anthony Qrunnut
  • Wide shot of the Camp
  • Director Zacharias Kunuk
  • Eugene Ipkarnak
  • Lucien Ukkalianuk
  • Samueli Ammaq
  • Lucy Tulugarjuk with her soft drink
  • Production picture
  • Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq
  • Bernice Ivalu and Clara
  • Mary Angutautuk and Samueli Ammaq
  • Abraham Ulayuruluk getting into a rig
  • Theresa Ukkalianuk
  • Bernice and Clara
  • Candid shot of the Production
  • Peter-Henry, Kalluk, and Luke
  • Mary, Samueli, Ikumaq, and Catherine
  • Children of the movie Atanarjuat
  • Charlie and Natar
  • Theresa Ukklianuk
  • Inukshuk
  • Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq
  • Luke Taqqaugaq
  • Repairing the Kamutik
  • Reena Qulitalik
  • An Action Shot
  • A dog keeping it self from being cold
  • Peter-Henry holding up his two friends
  • Children posing for a picture
  • Getting a drum ready for the shoot
  • Joan Iyyiraq
  • Richard the sound guy
  • Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq
  • Pakak and Catherine
  • Charlie Qulitalik
  • Waiting for the Director to say "ACTION!"
  • Ctherine Qrunnut, Pakak Inukshuk, and Joan Iyyiraq
  • Charlie Qulitalik
  • Say "Cheese"
  • Peter-Henry, Kalluk
  • Norman Cohn
  • Kalluk, Luke, and Peter-Henry
  • Boom Operator
  • Abraham Ulayuruluk


05 January 2019



By Isuma, 2000

Feature Film – Igloolik at the dawn of the first millennium, when nomadic Inuit were masters of the frozen arctic. Evil in the form of an unknown shaman divides a small community of Inuit, upsetting its balance and spirit. Twenty years pass. Two brothers emerge from the evil order: Amaqjuaq, the Strong One, and Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner. Atanarjuat wins the hand of the lovely Atuat away from the boastful son of the camp leader, Oki, who vows to get even. Oki ambushes the brothers in their sleep, killing Amaqjuaq, as Atanarjuat miraculously escapes running naked over the spring sea ice. But can he ever escape the cycle of vengeance left behind?




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