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Flor Andere, Mazahua (speaking Mazahua)


25 May 2009


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Flor Andere a Mazahua woman from San Pedro de los Baños, Mexico speaks about how she learned Mazahua through her grandparents.

She hopes the Mazahua language doesn’t die. She says she would like her children to continue to speak the language.

She has two kids. One of them understands but does not speak. She would like to teach the one year old girl to speak [Mazahua] so that they can preserve the tradition and the origin where they come from since their grandparents.

Flor tell us that she speaks Mazahua with her aunts because they are old enough so that their only language is Mazahua. She doesn’t speak Mazahua in the city because that’s where she works but back in her hometown she tries to speak it as much as possible.

Filmmaker: Gabriela Gámez

Filmmaker Contact:



Year of Production: 2009

Country: Mexico

Region: San Pedro de los Baños

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1m 28s



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