• 1m 28s

    Flor Andere, Mazahua (speaking Mazahua)

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV Greetings

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    Flor Andere a Mazahua woman from San Pedro de los Baños, Mexico speaks about how she learned Mazahua through her grandparents.

    She hopes the Mazahua language doesn’t die. She says she would like her children to continue to speak the language.

    uploaded date: 25-05-2009

  • kuki

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    este canal es para que toda mi familia lo pueda ver

    uploaded date: 16-06-2010

  • 2m 13s

    Lola Andere, Mazahua (speaking Mazahua)

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: Gabriela Gamez

    My mother tongue is Mazahua. Ever since my parents taught me, I have kept on speaking it.

    I love speaking Mazahua. I combine both, Spanish and Mazahua, when I speak.

    Very few people of my family still know how to speak Mazahua, the majority of them speak Spanish.

    I would like to show [this video] to other people, my nephews and my grandchildren.

    uploaded date: 02-06-2009