Inuit Cree Reconciliation


12 February 2013


In the documentary film Inuit Cree Reconciliation (Inuit Adlait Isumagijuniqatiginiiq), Zacharias Kunuk and Neil Diamond team up to research the events and historical impacts of a 1770's war between Inuit and Cree in Northern Québec.

Following the Peace Celebration Event held at Nastapoka River in northern Québec by a small group of Inuit and Cree in the summer of 2011, Zacharias Kunuk (Inuit) and Neil Diamond (Cree) - two of Canada's most respected filmmakers - interview Inuit and Cree Elders in the side-by-side communities of Kuujjuarapik and Whapmagootsui researching an old 1770's war between the two nations and its impact on people today.

Research for the project began in 2010. Check out some of the initial interviews here.

As a parallel project to the film, the ARTCO project introduced Inuit and Cree children in the community to new media tools which were used in a multidisciplinary artistic process to explore past and present realities, to connect with others, practice collective action and create a better future.

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  • Cine Las Americas Screening

    uploaded by: Cara Di Staulo

    channel: Inuit Cree Reconciliation

    Inuit Cree Reconciliation will screen Friday April 25th, at 6pm at the 2014 Cine Las Americas Film Festival as part of the Panorama Documentary Shorts program. 

    Cine Las Americas is a multi-cultural,  non-profit organization based in Austin Texas, offering theatrical screenings of films made by or about Latinos or indigenous peoples of the Americas.

    Cine Las Americas promotes cross-cultural understanding and growth by educating, entertaining and challenging the diverse Central Texas community through film and media arts.

    Full details at

    uploaded date: 16-04-2014

  • Inuit Cree Reconciliation Wins Best Short Documentary

    uploaded by: Cara Di Staulo

    channel: Inuit Cree Reconciliation

    Zacharias Kunuk and Neil Diamond's Inuit Cree Reconciliation wins Best Short Documentary at the 2013 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival!

    The 14th annual imagineNATIVE Festival presented the most compelling and distinctive Indigenous works from around the globe, October 16-20, 2013, in several downtown Toronto venues.


    Check out the other winners here


    uploaded date: 21-10-2013

  • indigiFLIX 2014 Screening

    uploaded by: Cara Di Staulo

    channel: Inuit Cree Reconciliation

    Inuit Cree Reconciliation will have a FREE screening at the Univerity of Toronto's First Nation house as part of the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival indigiFLIX 2014 Community Screening Series during Indigenous Education Week.

    uploaded date: 17-10-2013

  • Inuit Cree Reconciliation Premiers!

    uploaded by: Cara Di Staulo

    channel: Isuma News

    Inuit Cree Reconciliation Premiers at the imaginaNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival

    Screened as part of the Meeting Points Documentary Program, Inuit Cree Reconciliation will be presented for the first time to audiences at the TIFF Bell Light Box on October 17, 2013.

    imagineNATIVE describes Kunuk's and Diamond's work a:

    "journey to the remote site where their ancestors once clashed to celebrate 200 years of peace. Elders recount dramatic stories of battles, heroes and peacemaking from two different cultural perspectives. Coupled with incredible footage and a fantastic soundtrack, the film depicts the modern complexities of two communities living together in Canada’s Far North and an age-old conflict between the Cree and Inuit that lasted more than a century."


    uploaded date: 17-10-2013

  • 5m 50s


    uploaded by: Cara Di Staulo

    channel: Inuit Cree Reconciliation

    During Inuit-Cree Peace Ceremony, Inuit leader extends his people's forgiveness to the Cree community, accepting their apology, and inviting both People to travel down a new and better road together.

    uploaded date: 29-04-2013