Maliglutit (Searchers) 2016 by André Jacques Messier

  • Thomas and Tobias
  • Production plan
  • Jonah Qaunaq, Joey Saqpinak, Travis Kunnuk
  • Jonathan Frantz at the office of Kinguliit
  • Cannes Award 2001 for Atanarjuat
  • Production notes
  • Make-Up and Hair cases
  • Jonah Qaunaq
  • Awards for past accomplishments
  • Award for best Directing
  • Thomas the Cameraman
  • Jonathan
  • Scenic shot
  • Jon and Tobias
  • Lantern
  • Exited dog
  • Calm dog
  • Shot of the horizan
  • Top of an Igloo
  • Entrance of an Igloo
  • Crew on scaffolding
  • Scaffolding for a higher shooting
  • Southern Style Qautiks
  • Zacharias on radio
  • Johnathan doing camera work
  • Guillaume Saladin
  • Shot from inside the scaffolding
  • Thomas and Jonathan
  • Thomas and Jonathan on top of scaffolding
  • Shot of the production
  • candid shot of the production of Maliglutit
  • Behind the scenes
  • Thomas
  • Zacharias walking towards the camera
  • Tobias and Johnathan
  • Natar Ungalaaq
  • Natar Ungalaaq and Jonathan
  • Sun set
  • Sound guy named Tobias
  • Sunset on the Igloo
  • Hybrid Igloo of Ice and Snow
  • Joey and his dog team
  • A dog team hitched the a slid


12 January 2019


By Isuma, 2016 – Feature Film

Nunavut, circa 1913. Kuanana returns from a caribou hunt to discover his wife and daughter kidnapped, and the rest of his family slaughtered. His father's spirit helper, the loon Kallulik, sets him on course to overturn fate and reunite his family.

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