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Link to: First Peoples Festival in Peril
Is it possible for First Nations to hold a festival worthy of the name in Québec’s metropolis? The Montreal Frist Peoples Festival asks the question a press release...
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Cara Di Staulo
2014-03-03 12:10
Link to: Bullyvideo
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2014-02-28 12:50
Link to: How to Upload with an FTP Program
Instructions on how to upload to IsumaTV with an FTP program.This is useful if you want to:Upload many videos at the same timeUpload a video file that is over the 500 MB...
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Cara Di Staulo
2014-02-28 14:56
Link to: Experiences of Climate Change - Arviat
By Nanisiniq History Project, Jordan Konek, Arviat, NU
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2014-01-15 15:37
Link to: UVANGA Trailer
A Montréal woman and her 14-year-old son travel to the High Arctic so he can meet his late father’s Inuit family for the first time.An Arnait Video Productions &...
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Marie-Hélène Co...
2013-10-07 11:02
Link to: Kelly Fraser Interview PART 1
Interview with Kelly Fraser in July 3013at the Rockin Walrus Arts Festival in Igloolik (Nunavut) Camera: Zacharias Kunuk   Jonathan Frantz Editor...
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Carol Kunnuk
2014-02-26 16:01
Link to: Igloolik Radio Online – Inform
Call in Share your perspective live via phone or Facebook! +1.867.934.8080 +1.867.934.8082Comment on our page Live streaming schedule Monday–...
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2012-04-03 11:56
Link to: About ARTCO
Brief Inuit and Cree children use new media tools through a multidisciplinary artistic process to explore their past and present realities, connect with others, practice...
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David Ertel
2012-12-11 15:48
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