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Link to: Arviat Film Society XMas Greetings 2014
Merry XMas greetings from Arviat, NU 2014.
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2014-12-15 15:22
Link to: Strata: Portraits of Humanity, December 2014
 East and southeast Anatolia; English China Shipwreck site in Biscayne Bay(1) Eastern and southeastern Anatolia in Turkey has great scenic beauty and is an...
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2014-12-11 15:04
Link to: Join Our Email List!
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2014-11-27 14:11
Link to: Inuit Views Presented at the Economist's Canada Summit
Duane Smith of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) was invited by The Economist to present the views of Inuit at its premier Canadian event held here today, called The Canada...
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Cara Di Staulo
2014-12-04 10:55
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David Ertel
2010-10-15 10:11
Link to: Qajaq PUV in Grenville 2014
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2014-12-01 12:20
Link to: Inuit Piqutingit (What Belongs to Inuit)
A group of Nunavut elders travel to five museums in North America to see and identify artifacts, tools and clothing collected from their Inuit ancestors. Directed by...
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Norman Cohn
2009-10-10 18:00
Link to: 407
Tarijagaksait 407
Powerful first short drama by Igloolik youth. A simple “hello” on the street can change or save a life. Isuma-Artcirq co-production. Filmmaker:...
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Norman Cohn
2008-11-26 00:01
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