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    Canto Mohawk

    uploaded by: César Cáceres Rojas X

    channel: César Cáceres Rojas

    Canto Mohawk
    Reconstitución de los dos hemisferios, el Cóndor y el Águila.
    Stuart Myiow, indígena Mohawk - Confederación Iroquesa
    Kahnawake, Quebec, Canadá
    Grabación de Audio y Edición:
    César Cáceres Rojas

    31 de mayo del 2020
    Quito - Ecuador

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    uploaded date: 29-09-2020

  • 4m 52s

    CN: Drop the Racist Lawsuit

    uploaded by: Sarita Ahooja

    channel: Get Involved

    Tyendinaga is a Mohawk community located on the shore of the Bay of Quinte between Toronto and Montreal, in eastern Ontario. The Mohawk Nation is one of the five original nations of the Iroquois Confederacy.

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    uploaded date: 13-01-2009

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    And Native Land

    uploaded by: 7th Generation Image Makers

    channel: 7thGen

    And Native Land explores National Identity in the tense atmosphere around Six Nations / Caledonia. What does it mean to be Canadian? What does it mean to be Native? Is it possible to be both?

    Filmmaker: Miles Turner

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Producer's Name: 7th Generation image Makers

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    uploaded date: 20-02-2008