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    channel: IBC 3

    Program name: Kippinguijautiit (Things to Pass Time By): This show entertains the audience with funny and interesting stories on traditional and contemporary Inuit way of life. Kippingujautiit features northern musical talent and coverage of games and special events. Kippinguijautiit was the most popular Inuktitut language program from the audience survey conducted in 1992.… Read more

    uploaded date: 08-09-2020

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    channel: IBC 3

    Program name: Qimaivvik – was an Igloolik cultural show including storytelling, hunting and sewing techniques, legends, language, igloo building, etc.
    Producer: Inuit Broadcasting, Baker Lake, Nunavut
    Host: Peter Uplugiaq

    Segment 1: Moses Aliyak of Rankin Inlet, Samson Amarok Quinagnaq and Titus Nairguq sing an ajaaja songs.

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    uploaded date: 12-03-2020

  • 4m 3s

    The Big Lemming

    uploaded by: folger

    channel: folger

    Inspired by the work of my maternal grandfather, Pudlo Pudlat, this stop-motion short tells the story of a male owl, driven by hunger, as he goes in search of food in a late-spring snowstorm – but in his pursuit he may have met his match.

    Writer/director/producer: Mosha Folger

    I could not have completed the project without the help of Karen, my partner in all things.

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    uploaded date: 30-06-2016

  • 28m 53s

    Tohaknaak Ep 47A - 1988

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    channel: IBC

    Program name: Tohaknaak
    Producer: Derek Andrews, Sara A. Green, James Kavanna and James Panioyak- Cambridge Bay - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: James Kavanna
    Camera: Derek Andrews
    Audio: Derek Andrews

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    uploaded date: 31-05-2015

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    Atanarjuat Masterworks Slideshow

    uploaded by: Gabriela Gamez

    channel: Atanarjuat Masterworks

    A slideshow of the THREE EXTRAORDINARY SOAPSTONE SCULPTURES  based on the legend and film Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, by three Inuit master carvers, Zacharias Kunuk, James Ungalaq and Natar Ungalaq ---Award winning director, designer and star, of the internationally acclaimed Inuit film Atanarjuat The Fast Runner.---
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    uploaded date: 27-02-2009