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    uploaded by: Anonymous

    uploaded date: 06-12-2016

  • Community

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    uploaded date: 19-12-2016

  • HWMA

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    In the seven part series, Hunting with my Ancestors, Zacharias Kunuk retraces the hunting traditions of his ancestors in a modern context. He follows Inuit elders leading the hunts for whale, walrus, seal, fish, caribou and polar bear. We hear them recount stories of the past, share the pain of forced relocations, and teach a younger generation how to hunt.

    uploaded date: 28-09-2016

  • Seal

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    uploaded date: 07-12-2016

  • 55m 29s

    Episode 6: Seal Pup Hunt

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: Seal

    It’s June and time for the spring seal hunt. People travel on the melting sea ice looking for cracks and breathing holes in the 24-hour daylight. Zach follows elder Louis Uttak on a family seal hunt, as he shares his expert hunting knowledge and tells stories of his past life living on the land.  

    uploaded date: 05-07-2018

  • 49m 51s

    Episode 1: Bowhead Whale Hunt

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: Bowhead Whale

    Inuit have hunted bowhead whales for thousands of years, using stone tools to hunt these 25 ton mammals. In 2016, Igloolik received a tag to harvest a bowhead; Zacharias Kunuk documents this hunt - from the selection of hunting captains and planning

    uploaded date: 04-07-2018

  • 1m 51s

    Ukialliit - Fall Caribou Herd part 1

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: Caribou

    Editing: Aaron Kunuk
    Camera: Zacharias Kunuk
    Elders Interviewed: Peter Suwaksiork and Anthony Manernaluk 

    uploaded date: 13-04-2018

  • Elders

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: Community

    uploaded date: 18-08-2017

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