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Makuktut Sivunirivaptigit - Arviat Pre-Employment Training Program 2017


03 January 2018


https://pmcrenewal.com/ - Youth participants from PMC's Pre-Employment Training Program in Arviat, Nunavut created this video documentary to inspire Inuit youth.

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Makuktut, Sivunirivaptigit - Young People, We Are the Future

Hello, we are the youth who are taking a Pre-Employment Training Program. This program is mainly about what we need to get a job or who we can talk to. And for those of us who have work, how we can move forward.

Hello my name is Lucien Taleriktok, and I’m taking this course, Pre-Employment Training Program. Today is November 10, 2017. My dream job is to become a driller or a miner or a blaster.

My name is Curtis Konek, I live in Arviat and I’m part of this Pre-Employment Program where we are trying to find a job in our local communities.

[Inuktitut] We created this video for the youth, to send out a message that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Go further with your education. There are people out there who are willing to help you. Even just by talking, and by being a friend that you could count on.


[Instrumental music]

[Inuktitut] You are able. You can accomplish anything as long as you are motivated.

I want to teach the kids, Arviat kids, I want to teach them how to play the keyboards so they can know how to play music or even sing. I grew up playing keyboards since when I was like seven or six until now.

My dream career is to own a business as a videographer or a film maker. My dream is to share Inuit knowledge and experiences in the past, and nomadic life just 80-90 years ago. My plan with the Konek Production is to work more with youth to do more interviews in the community to create more youth that want to inspire other youth to interact with the Elders. The message I would send to the youth is to keep going with your goals. Keep at it. Don’t give up.

[Arviat Community Radio - Pre-Employment youth host a show on employment]
Finish school, find a job. Even if it’s just an after-school job to experience and they can find a better job when they’re done school. Do whatever that makes you feel good. Something that makes you excited each morning.

Your main goal is to think of what you want in your life that will help you, that will make you a person that will drive you every day to do things that inspires you.

[Inuktitut] We the youth from Pre-Employment Training encourage you to keep going forward with your goals. We are the next generation. Keep moving forward!

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Unipkaaqtuaq turaaqtuq makuktunut
This story is dedicated to all young people.

This video was created by participants in the Pre-Employment Training Program for Inuit Youth - Arviat, Nunavut.

Jonah Alikut
Dorean Arloo
Kristy-Lise Gibbons
Jessica Irksuk
Gabriel Issakiark
Curtis Konek
James Koomak
Kelly Malla
Luke Mamgark
Jacque John Mikiyungiak
Mary Nagiyak
Lazareth Nungnik
Lucien Taleriktok
Patrick Taleriktok
Manuel Tatty
Melissa Ulayok

Kristy-Lise Gibbons
Gabriel Issakiark
Curtis Konek
Jacque John Mikiyungiak
Lazareth Nungnik
Lucien Taleriktok
Patrick Taleriktok

Melissa Ulayok

Lucien Taleriktok
Patrick Taleriktok

Chantal Kablutsiak

Ariella Orbach with the Arviat Film Society

This video was made with the collaboration of the Arviat Film Society.

The Pre-Employment Training Program for Inuit Youth was delivered by Performance Management Consultants (PMC), advisors in Indigenous renewal https://pmcrenewal.com/ and funded by Department of Family Services, Government of Nunavut.

December 2017

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6m 22s


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Arviat, Nunavut, Canada

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