Taina Amayi


06 April 2015


Music, videos, and more... covering many genres with traditional foundations with respect for all My Peoples of Turtle Island. I create and produce my own music and videos, which cover many aspects of spirit, heart, mind, and body.
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Media on this Channel

  • 6m 4s

    Taina Amayi - Echoes Of Winter (Truth Denied)

    uploaded by: TurtleWoman747

    channel: Taina Amayi

    I composed "Echoes Of Winter", which is track 1 of my CD "Healing Medicine". As the title implies, the music within this CD are prayers of healing for Earth, Sky, and All our Relations In Between... and for all my Peoples of this Island of the Turtle. All Indigenous Peoples share the same stories of past sorrows.… Read more

    uploaded date: 29-09-2015

  • 4m 21s

    Taina Amayi: Return Of The Warriors (500 Nations)

    uploaded by: TurtleWoman747

    channel: Taina Amayi

    "Return Of The Warriors" is a video I created to honor the Indigenous and non-Indigenous warriors, who stand up for what is Sacred, right, and true. It is a celebration of The Creator's blessings, despite the many challenges we face as the children of Earth and Sky. The song is from my CD, "From The Ashes", © 2009.… Read more

    uploaded date: 06-04-2015