Indigenous leadership in caribou conservation


21 June 2019


This channel was established to share some highlights of the Indigenous Stream of the North American Caribou Workshop 2018, which took place in Ottawa, Canada from October 29 to November 2, 2018.

Indigenous and scientific knowledge have well established that most caribou populations are experiencing declines across North America. Caribou is an iconic species and holds a special significance for all North Americans – its status concerns us all. Addressing concerns for caribou populations requires an unprecedented level of commitment, collaboration, and cooperation among all groups involved.

The theme of the NACW 2018 was “Working Together”, and was a forum for knowledge-sharing and learning related to three main goals:
- Translating knowledge into action
- Strengthening livelihoods and futures
- Finding innovative solutions

In the videos posted here, Indigenous leaders from across Canada share their visions for the importance of working together for caribou. We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed their time, sharing powerful stories and experiences.

This channel is about creating a forum for sharing experiences and messages beyond the conferences and meetings.

We encourage others engaged in Indigenous Leadership for Caribou Conservation to post their own videos here as part of an ongoing dialogue.

Best wishes,
NACW2018 Organizing Committee


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