• Silakut Documentary

    uploaded by: IsumaTV

    <p class="en">In the feature documentary, Silakut, filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk talks to people from the five Northern Baffin Communities affected by the proposed expansion of the Mary River Mine.


    uploaded date: 10-03-2020

  • 30m 42s

    Caribou Storyteller

    uploaded by: Jenna

    channel: Jenna

    In Caribou Storyteller Elders tell stories of people who lived on the land; showing us what the story is today, what it looks like now and who goes there now…with many questions around: are people still hunting caribou?

    Is it still a caribou route? Are there development companies working there now?


    uploaded date: 25-09-2019

  • 5m 23s

    Yaanii K'uuka

    uploaded by: kenleslie

    channel: haidawood

    A little girl is naughty and doesn't listen to her mother. "Be nice! Or Yaanii K'uuka will get you!" One day, a beautiful woman arrives at the longhouse... This is a traditional story told in the Haida language (Xaaydaa Kil) with English subtitles.


    uploaded date: 15-09-2009

  • arcticbutterfly

    uploaded by: Anet Henrikso

    Stories of people's struggles for human rights and dignity in the face of contempt, rape and plunder of women and mother earth .


    uploaded date: 21-10-2008