Synopsis of Project Proposal for "Yaw i'an"


This project was designed by representatives of the Trumai people, an indigenous group that lives in the Xingu reserve, in the state of Mato Grosso (Central Brazil). With some help, we are aiming to develop activities of recovering and documenting the cultural traditions of our people through film and video production. There is also the idea of showing and affirming the Trumai culture and of expressing it for ourselves and for others. This project is about preserving our threatened culture and the knowledge that is essential to the construction of Trumai identity.

Because families are dispersed in various localities, the transmission of the traditional rituals, music and chants to the new generation has been hindered. Some festivities have already been lost while others exist only in the memories of single individuals. It is essential to transmit this knowledge before it is too late. The Trumai community would like to film and record what has not yet been lost. Specifically, we are looking to document four rituals, which are part of the cultural tradition of the Trumai people: the Hopep, known in the area as Javari; the music of the Takwara flutes; the piercing of the ears Fapt¸ ï fatlak wal; and the women's festivital, Yamurikuma.

Currently, we are looking for financial support to make this project possible. We are lacking many of the resources we need, including equipment, studio space, and funds to pay for production, travel and administrative costs. For information on how to help us, please contact:

Associação Hopep dos Indio Trumai (AHIT)

Rua Barra do Garças No. 1046,


Canarana - MT

CEP: 78640-000






17 February 2010


ᑐᑭᓯᒋᐊᕐᕖᑦ: Trumai