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Attagutaaluk (Starvation)


21 October 2007


Rose Ukkumaluk, an Igloolik elder, relates the tale of Attagutaaluk, a woman who survived a starvation and lived to become an honoured resident of Igloolik.

Filmmaker: Arnait Ikkagurtigitt Collective

Filmmaker Contact: Visit our website www.arnaitvideo.ca or www.isuma.ca

Producer's Name: Arnait Ikkagurtigitt Collective

Year of Production: 1992

Distributor Information: Arnait Video Productions, 5764 ave Monkland, Montreal QC, H4A 1E9 Canada, tel +1.514.486.0707 fax +1.514.486.9851 info@arnaitvideo.ca

Country: Canada

Region: Canadian Arctic; Igloolik

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