• The two Atanarjuats: Charlie Qulitalik (1998 shoot) and Natar Ungalaaq (1999 shoot).
  • Amaqjuaq (Pakak Innukshuk) inside the qaggiq.
  • Atuat (Sylvia Ivalu) with intricate facial tatoos.
  • Sylvia Ivalu as Atuat.
  • Atuat (Sylvia Ivalu) and Panikpak (Madeline Ivalu).
  • Charlie Qulitalik played Atanarjuat in the first shoot (1998). In 1999 he played young Qulitalik, the exiled brother of Panikpa.
  • The mother of Panikpak and Qulitalik, and the name sake of Atanarjuat's first wife Atuat.
  • Abraham Ulayuruluk as the benign-looking yet evil shaman. Photo for press use available.
  • Child actors on the set of Atanarjuat.
  • Young Panikpak (played by Mary Angutautuk) with her husband Kumaglak (played by Apayata Kotierk) ­the camp leader.
  • Atanarjuat (Natar Ungalaaq) while out caribou hunting.
  • Oki (Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq) in his full winter regalia.
  • Oki (Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq) in a contemplative mood.
  • Oki (Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq). Photo for press use available.
  • Oki and his gang. From left: Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq (Oki), unidentified actor, and Luke Taqqaugaq (Pittiulak).
  • Oki's henchman, Pakak (Alex Uttak) throws an unaaq or spear.
  • Lucy Tulugarjuk as Atanarjuat's second wife Puja.
  • Pauloosie Qulitalik as the exiled shaman of the same name. Unidentified actior is to his right.
  • Atuat's mother Saku (played by Therese Ukkalianuk) outside the igloo.
  • Atuat's parents Saku (Therese Ukkalianuk) and Uttuqiaq (Lucien Ukkalianuk)
  • Camp leader and shaman Sauri (Eugene Ipkarnak) standing next to an innukshuk.

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