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Original custodian's speech at the Canberra climate rally 04/02/20

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06 febrero 2020


 Two days of rallying and uniting forces in Canberra...

Snippets from the climate rally on Parliament Hill in Canberra (Feb 3 and 4) and from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy that has been standing for 48 years for sovereignty and reconciliation in front of the Old Parliament House. Just a few photos and short clips to share the spirit.

The Tent Embassy is a unique and remarkable act of self-determination and lasting statement, met at first with repression, but its resilience has brought a growing interest and concern in the general population in regards to Indigenous sovereignty, justice and legitimate custody.

All speakers at the rally as well as the crowd acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land and the Original law as first authority. More and more Aussies proclaim out loud that this was, is and always will be Aboriginal land. Water protectors here also say: ''Water is Life!'', as concerns and challenges are the same globally.

The Adani coal mine and similar activities representing risks and causing harm to the environment, while encroaching on Original sacred grounds, are part of the issues included in the greater cause of the land protectors.

The two songs I recorded were written at or for the Tent Embassy, and performed here by a Maori brother whose Aboriginal adoptive mother was one of the founder of the Embassy. Please browse the album and watch the clips, as an image is worth 1000 words and time for writing a detailed report or posting is short right now, while traveling and discovering. Still documenting it all for further sharing.

It was smoky in the capital, with smells of charcoal in the air coming from huge fires south of there. One of the best thing I noticed is that although geoengineering and weather manipulation are too often and willingly excluded from the climate change discourse, although they are the main causes, many people are aware of the facts and especially original Elders, as some mentioned it in their speeches.

Although not everyone involved seizes the whole depth of the issues at stake, the people who made it there represented those who search, want to learn and know enough to mobilize. It was a beautiful, peaceful crowd of concerned humans, animal lovers and tree huggers, and all it takes at this tipping point is to spread out the truth about what is really going on for most to connect the dots.

Today the weather forecast calls for the most abundant rains in years in eastern Australia, which should end the droughts and put out the last remaining big fires in the southeast corner. Send prayers and support the reawakened Rainbow Serpent on her healing journey to bring life giving rains along the natural energy currents.

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