industrial development

  • 58m 42s

    Wanorazi Yumneze (Awakening Spirit)

    uploaded by: Troy Stozek

    canal: Cara's Picks

    Documentary film about how people, wildlife and the environment are impacted by industrial developments in Alberta and Saskatchewan. More importantly, this film is about communicating the voices and concerns of Indigenous people, who are often left out of decision-making processes, yet are among those most impacted.

    Directed by Troy Stozed

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    uploaded date: 17-04-2013

  • 1h 32m 34s

    Panel Three: Understanding challenges and opportunities for industry and investors

    uploaded by: Rachel

    canal: FPIC Forum

    On this panel speakers give examples of the adoption of FPIC policies by corporations and industry bodies, why different sectors of business such as finance and extractive corporations may have an interest in adopting FPIC, and the challenges that remain.

    Moderated by Alan Young, this panel features Lina Holguin, Francois Meloche, and Ian Thomson.

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    uploaded date: 09-06-2015