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The Tundra Book Trailer

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04 marzo 2021


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72 years have passed as deer herder Vukvukai lives in the depths of Chukotka. He is an old man full of energy and wisdom – The Real Man of Tundra whose life cannot be seen apart from the deer. His people take care of a huge herd – over 14,000 deer. Their life is a non-stop struggle for survival and well-being in the harshest weather conditions of Chaun-Chukotka. They deeply believe in the strength of tradition and so succeed in their struggle. The ancient culture of Nomadic Chukchi takes care of them, so they preserve and follow it. As far as it is now – their realm remains stable. This is the Truth of Vukvukai.

Written and Directed by Aleksei Vakhrushev
Produced by High Latitudes Ltd.

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3m 4s

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