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Pi'õnhitsi | Unnamed Xavante Women (english subtitles)

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06 diciembre 2014


Indigenous People: Xavante

Since 2002, Divino Tserewahú tried to make a film about the female initiation rite, no longer practiced in any other Xavante village, but since he started filming, the ritual is interrupted. Young and old discuss the difficulties and resistances involved in making this celebration.

2009 | 53 min
Direction: Tiago Campos Torres, Divino Tserewahú
Script: Vincent Carelli, Amandine Goisbault, Divino Tserewahú, Tiago Campos Torres
Editing: Tiago Campos Torres
Realization: Vídeo Nas Aldeias

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53m 18s


culture, divino tserewahú, ritual, vídeo nas aldeias, Xavante



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