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Shirley Krenak was born November 15, 1980. During her childhood, she, along with her parents, lived in their indigenous village. Here, she came to understand the importance of preserving their traditions. Like her parents, Shirley learned to defend the rights of her people. In order to consolidate the struggle, she went to study in the city, specializing in Media and Publicity Studies. She is the first indigenous person from the state of Minas Gerais to receive a university degree. Today, Shirley participates in the indigenous movement alongside her father. She held the position of secretary of the Conselho dos Povos Indigenas de Minas Gerais (The Council of Indigenous People of Minas Gerais), an organization that articulates ** the state indigenous movement among 11 indigenous groups and is recognized by FUNAI. After her mandate ended in the Council, Shirley started writing down the stories told to her by her father. She is now a well-recognized author in the state, in Brazil and in some Italian cities. Recently she wrote a book called "Borun Rhua Kuparak" (The Indian Who Turned Into an Jaguar), published by the Irmas Paulinas Editions. Shirley is presently working as a writer and lecturer.



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12 février 2010



Minas Gerais, Brazil

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