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Arthur Manuel, spokesperson for Defenders of the Land

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16 décembre 2009


Defenders of the Land: a network of Indigenous communities and activists in land struggle across CanadaNovember 2008 – Winnipeg - 13 interviews -133 minutes

Between November 12-14, 2008, the historic Defenders of the Land gathering took place in Winnipeg. The gathering brought together dozens of grassroots activists, elders, youth, women and men from Indigenous communities across "Canada" who are in active struggle to defend their land and assert self-determination. The second Defenders of the Land gathering was recently held in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories, in November 2009.

Members of No One Is Illegal-Montreal have recently uploaded thirteen interviews with participants from the 2008 Defenders of the Land Gathering in Winnipeg.

Interviews conducted between November 12-14, 2008 at the Defenders of the Land Gathering in Winnipeg. Interview with Arthur Manuel conducted at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium on November 5, 2008,

DVD copies of the interviews can also be ordered from No One Is Illegal-Montreal for $5/copy (plus shipping). Please contact nooneisillegal@gmail.com to arrange to get DVD copies mailed to you.



Produced by: Sarita Ahooja (No One Is Illegal-Montréal)

With the support of: José Garcia-Lozano, Rémy Huberdeau, Roberto Nieto, Jaggi Singh

Camera & sound: Sarita Ahooja, Rémy Huberdeau, Jaggi Singh, Martha Stiegman

Interviews by: Jaggi Singh (No One Is Illegal-Montréal)

Editors: Sarita Ahooja, Vincent Desrosiers, Coralie Dumoulin, Jon Durand, José Garcia-Lozano, Jimmy Hayes, Rémy Huberdeau 

Music:“Soul Seek” by Bad News Brown www.badnewsbrown.com

This project was made possible thanks to the support of: Jean-Marc Abela, Ben Powless, Jon Schledewitz, Lisa Stepnuk, Indigenous Solidarity Committee (Montreal), Isuma TV, No One Is Illegal-Montréal, QPIRG Concordia, QPIRG McGillk, 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy

Special thanks to all participants at the 2008 Defenders of the Land Gathering.


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