UPDATE TONIGHT JUNE 6 RADIO CALL-IN – Nipivut Nunatinnii Our Voice at Home

UPDATE TONIGHT Wednesday June 6th 8-10pm: Walrus, Wildlife and Baffinland?
• What do hunters think about Baffinland’s supertankers and marine mammals?
• Will shipping through Foxe Basin damage the wildlife? Is it safe?

Thursday June 7th 8-10pm: Have Inuit Had Their Say?
• Do you understand Baffinland’s Environmental Impact Statement?
• Are you informed? Do your opinions count?

Listen at Live Radio  Call-in 1.819-934-8080, or 8082.

Get your opinions on the record.
Call-in radio shows will be submitted to NIRB July Public Hearings as part of DID’s Formal Intervention led by Zacharias Kunuk and human rights lawyer Lloyd Lipsett