NITV on IsumaTV 3.0 2011-12 - refused and NOW APPROVED

In August, the Government of Nunavut Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth (CLEY) overruled its previous refusal and now approved the original funding proposal for NITV on IsumaTV 3.0, NITV's 2011-12 proposal to expand the network of IsumaTV High-speed MediaPlayers to a total of 8 Baffin Island communities: Igloolik, Pangnirtuq and Iqaluit, started in 2010-11, and adding Clyde River, Hall Beach, Kimmirut, Pond Inlet and Arctic Bay. CLEY's contribution of $125,000 to NITV, and funding from other sources, enables NITV to finance its share of Digital Indigenous Democracy in partnership with IsumaTV and Isuma Distribution International.

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25 mai 2011


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