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Samueli Ammaq of Igloolik on Teachings

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22 novembre 2010


English Transcript:

Teaching how to live well amongst people. If I see any fellow man poor, give them something small, even if it's small. I was told to help others with food. I was told to watch the sky, but I never learned anything. But I tried to use the teaching and predict the weather when I have to go hunting.

And to animals, when they'll be in the area, when they will leave. By using the weather. Today there will be plenty and tomorrow comes and they're not there. That's how animals operate. Inuit used to try to know all this. I tried to follow these teachings, even though I knew I was making mistakes.

Even little insects, birds, we were told not to make them suffer, this is not allowed. If we break their bones, we were told not to leave them. Sometimes we see animals stranded, like in a cliff where seagulls have eggs, and the baby falls down and is dead or about to die. I heard, if any animal hurts itself, we're not supposed to help them. I've heard this, not from my father, it comes from the past. Don't help. Kill it or just leave it. That's the way it is.

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