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Introducing IsumaTV to teachers

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30 mars 2010


An introduction to the DIAMA/IsumaTV and the Inuit Culture Education was made to the principal and teachers of Ataguttaaluk Elementary School and High School in Igloolik. Two classes at the Elementary school and two classes of the High School had the chance to use the Inuit Culture Education website.

Both of the principals, at the Elementary and the High School were very enthusiastic about the project and the amount of learning materials provided so as the concept of the server which allowed them to watch the videos on high-speed despite their very low internet connection and the fact that students could make use of the technology and feedback through it, uploading it after to IsumaTV. 

As a very positive feedback both of the principals invited the IsumaTV team to assist to the Annual Nunavut Teacher Association training week and give an introduction of the project to all the principals and teachers in Nunavut. The teachers who assisted to this introduction were very much enthusiastic about the project.

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English, Inuktitut


Igloolik, NU, Canada

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