Portrait de Akuttujuuk
Akuttujuuq is an innovative research initiative using digital technologies to harness the expertise of Inuit and non-Inuit parents, educators, researchers and collaborators to develop and share effective, research-supported, bilingual education strategies across Inuit Nunangat. Bilingual education that builds on research knowledge as well as knowledge held in Inuit communities is critical to the future economic, cultural and linguistic success of Inuit in Canada. It contributes to student learning at the school and post-secondary levels in the educational system and through this contributes to the strength and vitality of Inuit society. The development of a bilingual, responsive Inuit workforce, well-prepared for current and future economic opportunities is vitally important at this time. Using a grassroots, community-based approach, this initiative is poised to make a significant contribution to the well-being and sustainable future of Inuit in the Canadian Arctic.See more


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