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Tunnganarniq Nunagijavut: Inuvik - Leonard Harry and Lillian Elias

Quyanaq Qaikaffi Pangma Nunaptingnun - Tunnganarniq Nunagijavut: Inuvik - Leonard Harry and Lillian Elias

Join us as Elder Leonard Harry shares about his life fully in his Inuvialuktun dialect of Uummarmiutun.

Leonard was born in Aktlarvik (Aklavik, NT), and raised out on the land in Alatkasik to his parents, George and Martha Harry. From a young age, Leonard began training under his father and his grandparent's guidance in trapping, hunting, fishing, and gathering.

With his sister Panigavluk (Lillian Elias) they will talk about his life growing up in the Delta and working in Inuvik. They will talk about things like being an interpreter for the Inuvialuit Communication Society (ICS).

LIVE on November 1st, 2023.

Lillian Elias was born in 1943 in the Mackenzie Delta to George and Martha Harry. Despite attending residential school, she was determined, even as a child, to keep her language. She has dedicated her career and life's purpose to preserving, teaching, and revitalizing Uummarmiutun. She is a teacher, translator, interpreter, and drum dancer! She is a recipient of the Minister's Cultural Circle Award (2012), Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012), and the Order of the Northwest Territories (2018). Lillian loves to sit and tell stories and teach her language.


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