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Tsõ'rehipãri | Sangradouro (english subtitles)

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06 décembre 2014


Indigenous People: Xavante

In 1957, after centuries of resistance and escape, a Xavante group takes refuge in the Salesian mission of Sangradouro, Mato Grosso. Today surrounded by soy cultures, with their land and resources impoverished, they show in this film their actual preoccupations in midst of all the changes they have experienced.

2009 | 28 min
Direction: Tiago Campos Torres, Divino Tserewahú, Amandine Goisbault
Script: Vincent Carelli, Amandine Goisbault
Cinematography: Divino Tserewahú, Tiago Campos Torres
Editing: Amandine Goisbault
Realization: Vídeo Nas Aldeias

More information: http://www.videonasaldeias.org.br/2009/video.php?c=76

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28m 37s


Brasil, divino tserewahú, vídeo nas aldeias, Xavante

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