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23 May 2014

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By installing IsumaTV Mediaplayers in remote communities, IsumaTV has created an independent distribution network, allowing isolated communities in the world to interact at high-speed with other people worldwide, by contributing their own media content, and having access to the existing media on IsumaTV.

Since 2009, Isuma Distribution International provides two kinds of solutions for different needs:

  • The IsumaTV Mediaplayer is a flexible device that gets the IsumaTV website to remote communities providing a two-way communication stream.
  • The Integrated Media System (IMS) is a set of media tools that are built around the Mediaplayer to help people create and share media on IsumaTV.

Why the IsumaTV Mediaplayer distribution network?

Indigenous communities worldwide face loss of language and traditional knowledge.

Foreign language media overload is only speeding-up this process.

New media democratization allows new groups of people to have access to media tools that were initially exclusive.

People can use media to recover language and indigenous traditional strengths, and transform these into contemporary strengths.

IsumaTV hosts more than 5,000 videos of indigenous content in over 70 languages, available to anyone anywhere with a good Internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

Unfortunately, most indigenous communities do not have sufficient internet bandwidth access, to view and upload multimedia, at full quality and speed.

The IsumaTV Mediaplayer is designed to allow people in remote communities to participate equally in a world driven by media, in their own language and in the immediacy of our times.

How does it work?

An IsumaTV Mediaplayer is a local caching server designed to bypass slow Internet bandwidth speeds, data transfer limits and high costs of sharing media in remote regions. It allows people to upload and share media through the IsumaTV website at high speed and full quality, regardless of their internet connection. People can then stream, download or upload videos to IsumaTV from any computer or mobile device connected to it. They can also connect it to a projector, for public screenings.

The IsumaTV Mediaplayer synchronizes with the IsumaTV website, mirroring all video files enabling people to view films in high resolution at fast speed even with the slowest internet connection. By accessing the media files through the device, and not over their internet connection, they experience no lagging or buffering. Unlimited videos stream seamlessly, and at no extra bandwidth cost. When the IsumaTV Mediaplayer is fully synchronized, bandwidth is only needed to display webpage text.

Re-broadcasting through CableTV

In collaboration with a local cable TV provider, an IsumaTV Mediaplayer can be connected to the local system, allowing people to broadcast their own playlist, on a community channel, to every home television. Playlists are programmed from all available IsumaTV content.

Connecting your community

The IsumaTV Mediaplayer operates on any network and is available in different packages suited for each community’s needs, including the full IsumaTV Integrated Media System (IMS) providing all the necessary tools to produce, edit, share and broadcast local media. For information contact us at

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