Pond Inlet Youth Workshop


15 December 2015

6838 ḵing gan

A youth workshop was conducted in Pond Inlet on October 10th and 11th, 2015. The aim of this workshop was to learn What is the youth perspective on impacts of the Mary River project?

Some of the questions that were raised was: What are the positive and the negative impacts of the Mary River project? How good a job is Baffinland doing in terms of contributing to the community, to families and to training? How are they helping Inuit get jobs? If you want a job at the mine, will someone help you get the skills you need for training? Once people have the jobs, how are their families reacting to that? Do the youth have a different perspective on the mine than the elders? Do youth attend the meetings? If not, what is the reason why younger people don't go to the meetings? If youth are attending the meetings, is there understanding of the information? If there is going to be more mining in Nunavut, do the youth want to work in the mining industry?

Some of the key points identified in this workshop were:
1. There are barriers to youth participating in the Baffinland consultation process: lack of understanding, awreness, confusion about the role of youth, cultural barriers, older generations "bullying" youth, political bullying
2. Generational differences in the perception on "issues"
3. Youth identified Baffinland issues
4. Youth talked about how they about having a say on the process

This workshop was facilitated by Shelly Elverum in Pond Inlet with the following participants:

Day One:
Alexandra Anaviapik
Natasha Simonee
Ena Mucktar
Judy Kunnuk
Samual Aariak
Jonathan Pitseolak
Michael Milton
Joanna Innualuk Kunnuk

Day Two:
Alexandra Anaviapik
Georgina Pewatoalook
Natasha Simonee
Samuel Aariak
Trevor Arreak
Abraham Kublu
Joanna Innualuk Kunnuk

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