What will happen now?

Last week was amazing. Women  from different communities met in Iqaluit and share stories that will give you chills, make you laugh and empower you. They had different visions, interests, opinions and belonged to different political groups. We recorded about 50 stories you will find them here on the blog.

One thing those women had in common was the will to share their stories and to talk to each other, to break the isolation.

As a media activist, a filmaker and now a blogger, this experience was very inspiring; we wanted  the voices of these  women to reach you directly: we asked them to talk in front of the camera and share their message. In a territory without too many media outlets, this experience is thrilling; here no media shushhhing, no political  shushhhing, you can hear what they have to say! And you can comment too; please do!

This only can make us dream; if the territory had the internet capacities that we have in the South, it would also have a powerful tool to solve its problems and celebrate its vitality. Can you imagine the day where people can actually talk and listen to one another from community to community directly and publicly? This is what we tried to do here. If we could we would have gone directly in every community and install a system where the women  would have been able to  participate by asking questions "live" to their sisters in Iqaluit.

For now, we hope you will use this blog to keep the energy of last week flowing! Qujannammiik!



20 September 2010

8124 ḵing gan