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05 December 2014

8664 ḵing gan

Indigenous People: Huni Kui

Comments about a people’s history, made by the films’ characters and the filmmakers. From the time of the first contact with the white men, through the captivity in the rubber tree plantations, up until their current work with video-making, the testimonies reveal the meanings behind the processes of dispersion, loss and re-encounter lived by the Hunikui people.

2008 | 32 min
Direction: Zezinho Yube
Editing: Zezinho Yube e/and Ernesto Ignacio de Carvalho
Images: Mari Corrêa, Tadeu Siã, Vincent Carelli and Zezinho Yube

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32m 27s


Brazil, Huni Kui, vídeo nas aldeias

Ḵwaan sda: Video Nas Aldeias