Isumakkut miksaanut


IsumaTV is an independent interactive network of Inuit and Indigenous multimedia. IsumaTV uses the power and immediacy of the Web to bring people together to tell stories and support change.

Our tools enable Indigenous people to express reality in their own voices: views of the past, anxieties about the present and hopes for a more decent and honorable future. Our sincere goal is to assist people to listen to one another, to recognize and respect diverse ways of experiencing our world, and honor those differences as a human strength.

IsumaTV uses new networking technology to build a new era of communication and exchange among Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities around the globe.

IsumaTV was launched in January 2008 by Igloolik Isuma Productions, independent producers of The Fast Runner Trilogy of award-winning Inuit-language films: Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, and Before Tomorrow; in association with Nunavut Independent TV Network (NITV), imagineNATIVE Film+Media Arts Festival, Vtape, Native Communications Society of the NWT and other non-profit agencies.


IsumaTV is an action-oriented platform that enables users to join and participate interactively in a collaborative process for change. By joining the website you are able to:

•    Upload and exchange multimedia content amongst individuals and communities with common concerns and interests worldwide.
•    Interact, join groups and channels, or connect with other users and members by text, audio, or video.
•    Create your own channel, group, or blog to share your point of view.
•    Allow other users to be members of your channel and update them with your new posts and activities.
•    Import your existing blog from another source.
•    Watch indigenous videos and contribute feedback using text, audio or video.

IsumaTV 2.0 was launched as an updated social networking platform in April 2009 with over a thousand films in thirty different Indigenous languages free for users.

Live Webcasting, VOD, customized channels and selected advertising are paid services. Contact