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Silakut / Mary River Phase II Meeting (Igloolik)


25 April 2019


Host: Zacharias Kunuk

Guests: Theo Ikummaq, Francis Piugattuk, David Aqqiaruq, Joanasie Kigutaq

Translators: Cherylu Piugattuk, Marcy Siakuluk

For this first episode of Silakut, Zacharias invites four Igloolik residents to discuss concerns related to the Baffinland Mary River iron ore mine, located in north Baffin Island.

Watching clips from the January 2019 Baffinland hearings in Pond Inlet and Igloolik, Zach and his guests discuss the concerns people have voiced over the changes in marine life along the shipping routes, as well as the fear of water contamination and changes in animal life from dust and noise along the tote road and projected railway route.

In operation since 2015, Baffinland plans to expand its operation into Phase 2, which includes building a railway to reach the Milne Inlet near Pond Inlet, and Steensby Inlet, near the communities of Igloolik and Hall Beach.

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