The Arctic is warming double the global average, decreasing sea ice, making it easier to access and extract mineral and oil resources from the region, and this cumulative climatic and economic change has significant human and environmental health implications for Inuit and their communities. In Nunavut, the proposed Baffinland Iron Mine, at the site of Mary River, is one of the largest industrial developments ever conceived for the Arctic, and will involve year-round shipping of ore across sensitive permafrost, marine ecosystems and regions of cultural significance that have and continue to be used by Inuit. The Our Baffinland project explores Inuit knowledge regarding mining, and shows a walrus and caribou hunting expedition and associated interviews with elders across this landscape. This digital media presentation highlights the complexities of "Arctic Development".


A production of: Kingulliit Productions Inc.

Executive Producers: Norman Cohn and Zacharias Kunuk

Producers: Zacharias Kunuk, Stéphane Rituit, and Ian Mauro.

Project Managers: Gabriela Gámez, Gillian Robinson and Ian Mauro

Creative Directors: Zacharias Kunuk and Ian Mauro

Technology Director and Programmer: John Hodgins

Designer and Animator: Marc Labelle

Video and Photography: David Poisey, Jon Frantz, Zacharias Kunuk and Ian Mauro

Sound: Tobias Haynes

Editors: Ian Mauro, Jon Frantz, Craig Norris and Carol Kunnuk

Translators: Carol Kunnuk and Sarah Arnatsiaq

Research: Ian Mauro