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Link to: First Peoples Festival in Peril
Is it possible for First Nations to hold a festival worthy of the name in Québec’s metropolis? The Montreal Frist Peoples Festival asks the question a press release...
Link to: 21 years of Televisón Serrana
On January 15th, Television Serrana (“Television of the mountains”) celebrated its 21st year of operation, from the highest mountain system in Cuba. Founded in 1993...
Link to: Inuit Cree Reconciliation Premiers!
Inuit Cree Reconciliation Premiers at the imaginaNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival Screened as part of the Meeting Points Documentary Program, Inuit Cree Reconciliation will be...
Link to: EU court rejects Inuit appeal against seal fur ban
Europe's top court on Thursday rejected an appeal by Inuit seal hunters and fur traders against an EU ban on products derived from the Arctic animals. "The court...
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Anonymous's picture
2014-11-27 14:11
Link to: IsumaTV Poll: Inuktitut Syllabics or Roman Characters?
IsumaTV: Inuktitut speakers: When online do you prefer to read Inuktitut in syllabic or in roman characters? created by ePoll
Cara Di Staulo's picture
Cara Di Staulo
2014-10-15 11:48
Link to: NIRB Baffinland Decision Recommends Digital Indigenous Democracy - press release September 25, 2012
The Nunavut Impact Review Board broke new ground for regulators in Canada this month. NIRB recommends using new media technology to inform, consult and connect Inuit...
Norman Cohn's picture
Norman Cohn
2012-09-25 15:24
Link to: Canada's Best Film Ever is made by Inuit!
Atanarjuat The Fast Runner by Inuit director Zacharias Kunuk has been named Canada's best film of all time by the Toronto International Film Festival.A survey of Canadian...
Cara Di Staulo's picture
Cara Di Staulo
2015-04-30 09:08
Link to: Everything you want to know about Cape Breton moose!
UINR–Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources– is releasing two new books on the importance of moose to the Mi’kmaq people at Membertou’s...
Cara Di Staulo's picture
Cara Di Staulo
2014-05-21 08:44
Link to: IsumaTV TRAILER 1
IsumaTV hosts individual video, audio and text files as well as hosting unique multimedia projects.Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, Isuma Productions Meeting Ancestors (A...
Gabriela Gamez's picture
Gabriela Gamez
2012-05-20 10:33
Link to: Live Webcast, Human Rights and Climate Change
Sheila Watt-Cloutier's lecture, "Not the Time to COP Out," from Mt. Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, presented LIVE ON ISUMATV www....
Norman Cohn's picture
Norman Cohn
2011-11-27 10:25
Link to: Live Webcast Index
The following links on IsumaTV lead to archives of live webcasts since May 2009.
Norman Cohn's picture
Norman Cohn
2011-11-22 07:46

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