drum dancing

Ualinningmiutun Numiqtiin Music Video

Ualinningmuitun Numiqtiin Drum Dance group music video filmed by Artless Collective

96-07175OT-Takuginai-strawberry picking

Ottawa Inuit go strawberry picking and do cultural activities. Aatuvaami Inuit nunivattillugit paungarni ammalu qilaujjaqtillugi.


20-07081OT-Takuginai-traditional practices and outdoor games

Joamie School students drum dance and sing songs. Nakasuk School students play outdoor games. Jumiup ilinniaqtingit qilaujjaqtut ammalu ingiqattaqsutik. Nakasuup ilinniaqtingit silami aniiqtitaujut.



Program name: Qaujisaut


Program name: Takujuminaqtut / Takuyuminaqtut
Producer: Rankin Inlet - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Leo Subgut
Segment 1: A First Nations drummer and band from Alberta came to Rankin Inlet to talk about addictions.
Segment 2: Joe Inukshuk and Paul Pissuk talk about their experience while being lost during a hunting trip.


Program name: Qimaivvik
Qimaivvik was a cultural show produced in Baker Lake or Igloolik, but included segments from all of IBC’s centres. Topics included: storytelling, hunting and sewing techniques, legends, language, and other traditional practices such as igloo building, etc.
Producer: Rankin Inlet - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Celina Panika

Kipinguijautiit-Mystical Music M00660-004 _2001

Program name: Kippinguijautiit

All Aspects of Drum Dancing _1987

All Aspects of Drum Dancing

Program name: Takuyaksat
Takuyaksat was a Baker Lake production involving cultural activities, storytelling, hunting, sewing, and legends.
Producer: Pani Panipatunguajaq - Baker Lake - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Martin Qilak (Kreelak)
Camera: Pani Panipatunguajaq
Location: Baker Lake

BL-514 Old Folks

Inuit Storytelling

Producer: Baker Lake - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Location: Baker Lake, Nunavut

Segment 1: Elders from the Kivalliq region meet in Baker lake and share stories. They also drum dance and sing. Old photos are shown at the end of the video.

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