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11 August 2016


On CKUT 90.3FM. Nipivut means “our voice”, it is the first southern radio program broadcast by and for Inuit in Inuktitut. This bi-weekly Inuit cultural radio program gives Inuit of Montreal a voice in this city: providing essential news for Montrealmiut and showcasing Inuit culture and language to the greater Montreal community. Nipivut provides programs in English and French when possible, and promotes the Inuktitut language in the city with Inuit music, Inuktitut lessons, and news and public discussions in Inuktitut. Nipivut seeks to connect Inuit living in Montreal with their families and friends in the north as well as the larger community of Montreal.

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Media on this Channel

  • 59m 32s

    Episode 56 - November 15, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Here's Episode 56 of Nipivut! On the show:
    • Joey and Christine go to the From the North travelling northern showcase. They talk to the producer and a few others at the event.
    • Annie talks to Karine Gaucher and Alain Fournier about the new exhibition at La Guilde called INUIT QAUJIMAJATUQANGIT: Art, Architecture and Traditional Knowledge.


  • 59m 43s

    Episode 55 - October 31, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Last night was Halloween and we had a special episode all about the newly-formed Southern Quebec Inuit Association! On the show Annie speaks to her daughter, Tina Pisuktie, who is spokesperson for SQIA. You'll hear a presentation all about the SQIA's mission and objectives, which was also heard at the historic first meeting on Oct. 28.


  • 59m 13s

    Episode 54 - October 17, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Here’s Episode 54 of Nipivut! Annie hosts this show. And on the show this week:
    • Annie Ittoshat speaks about moving her service to the Church of Epiphany in Verdun
    • Lisa Koperqualak talks about being a teacher at Nunavik Sivunitsavut
    • A bunch of music from The Jerry Cans, Elisapie, Etutu & Susan Peta and Riit.


  • 1h 39s

    Episode 53 - October 3, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Here's Episode 53 of Nipivut! On the show:
    • A book launch for Zebedee Nungak's new book called Wrestling With Colonialism On Steroids
    • Annie goes to Iqaluit and talks to people about the new beer and wine store
    • The grand opening of Nunavik Sivunitsavut!
    Akenisie hosts, and there's a bunch of Inuktitut music on the show as well. Enjoy!


  • 1h 1m 50s

    Episode 52 - September 19, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Here's Episode 52 of Nipivut! Annie hosts. On the show:
    • A vigil at Cabot Square for Siasi Tullaugak and Sharon Barron
    • Interview with ITK president Natan Obed
    • Music! The Jerry Cans played a concert at the Old Port. You'll hear a song called Niki Pawatin by Moe Clark featuring Nina Segalowitz as well.


  • 1h

    Episode 51 - September 5, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Here's Episode 51 of Nipivut! Since students are going back to school (and the first year of Nunavik Sivunitsavut is beginning) we put together all our Messages From The Mayors segment that we aired last year. That segment is where the mayors of Nunavik's communities gave messages of support for Inuit students in Montreal. There's that and children's songs along the way too.


  • 59m 15s

    Episode 49 - August 8, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Episode 49 of Nipivut is here! On the show:

    • Annie goes to Taku, an Inuit art carving exhibit, and speaks to artists.
    • Joey and David went to Tillutarniit, the Inuit film festival that happened at Concordia last week.
    • Annie speaks to the Inuit Art Foundation about the Igloo Tag program.
    • Songs by Becky Han Music, Sumé, Silla + Rise!


  • 58m 50s

    Episode 48 - July 25, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Here's Episode 48 of Nipivut, and it's a big episode! Annie Pisuktie hosts, and on the show we have Lucy Tulugarjuk talking about Arnait Video Productions' film, Tia and Piujuq. David Chapman is on the show talking about The Open Door / La Porte Ouverte MTL's extension at their current location. Caroline and Ricardo speak about Le Grand Pas \ The Big Step.


  • 59m 42s

    Episode 47 - July 11, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Here’s Episode 47 of Nipivut! On the show, Annie talks to Eva Deer, who helped organize the Aaqitauvik healing workshop that happened in Montreal earlier this month. Also, Angus Andersen is on the show talking about his Muskrat Falls Water Bottle Campaign. That, and songs from Twin Flames, The Jerry Cans, Larry T, The Trade Offs and more! Share, like and enjoy.


  • 1h 12s

    Episode 46 - June 27, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     Here's our Aboriginal Day Special! On the show you'll hear over 30 conversations Annie Pisuktie and Stephen Agluvak Puskas had with those who came out to Cabot Square for Aboriginal Day, June 21. Lots of Inuktitut and music — all by Kelly Fraser — on this episode. Akenisie Qumak hosts!


  • 59m 27s

    Episode 45 - June 13, 2017


    channel: Nipivut Montreal - Urban Inuit Radio

     On this show we have artist Nancy Saunders who speaks about creating her art. You'll hear a few elders who stopped by Ivirtivik to speak to the participants and eat country food. And Kimberly Arualak is on the show, she's a singer from Arviat. All that and songs from Rikka, The Jerry Cans, Beatrice Deer and more!