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props and toys for my inuuja

I did not like small animals , my inujjaa would have fur from a caribou skin firom an antler ,that is why I never use any small animal fur . when my mother first made me a sheet for a caribou skin from an alter I was soo happy . but after words I was able to use leman fur because other girls had it

my little sister

we use to play with inujjaa a lot , one day I visited a relative to play inujja with her and I was using my mothers kammiks ( boots ) , as usual my litter sister found me visiting, she took the kamiks with out telling me ( she starts to laugh ) because she know I was using my mother kammiks she brough them home .

first inuuja

Oh yes I can tell you what I remember. My mother's step sister Terase Kupaq had lots of inujja and they were properly dressed. I would cry because I wanted  one. The step mother of Paula made me one and it was tall and thin.

Rebeca starts to laugh .

leasure times

you can enjoy you life here.

Meeting with Meeka Kilabuk, artist.

Meeka Kilabuk, fashion designer, presents the exibition at the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum.

Only one day to go!

Only one day to go before the opening of ARNAIT NIPINGIT Leardership Summit.

I am flying to Iqaluit tomorrow as many other women travelling to Iqaluit.

At 3.00pm there is the Special Opening of an Exhibition of Women's Art from across Nunavut. Meeka Kilabuk will do a presentation. Come visit; the exhibition will be ongoing all week. (Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum)


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