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Part 2. Native 2010 Resistance - The Background

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16 octubre 2008


Part 2 is about elder, Harriet Nahanee, and her struggle against the destruction brought on by the development of the Sea to Sky Highway Expansion, a main artery from Vancouver city to the Whistler ski resort (a 2010 venue).

Harriet was imprisoned for her commitment to the struggle, and died shortly after. This sparked the formation of a grassroots coalition of Native groups, both urban and rural based, who actively defend their land and the environment from the latest land grab and ecological destruction - the 2010 Olympics.

She also describes other land struggles, like the campaign against the Sun Peaks Resort, launched by the Secwepemc People, who have travelled the world to stop the destruction on their land.

Angela describes how the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) is buying off indigenous communities and leadership to be able to proceed with the destructive mega-development and the industrialization. She also exposes the appropriation and bastardization of Indigenous cultural icons for the propaganda machine surrounding the corporate promotion of the Olympics.

To find out more about activities and actions, please visit the Olympic Resistance Network website at

Year of Production: 2008

Country: Canada

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